Posted by BeautyMojo on 15th Oct 2015

With such a wide range of skincare products on the market, it can be confusing to figure out which ones are right for you. Our “Eyes On” posts highlight the unique features of the brands we carry at LatisseMD to help you find your perfect product match.

SkinCeuticals believes in achieving healthy skin through three vital defenses: Prevention, Protection, and Correction.

  • Prevention calls for antioxidant formulas used daily to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals before they can attack healthy cells. Free radicals are unstable, volatile molecules created by pollution, UV rays, alcohol, and cigarette smoke, among others. Think of antioxidants-- cellular defenders including those that occur naturally in the body like vitamins C and E-- like martial artists that quickly disarm bar-brawling free radicals before they can break anything.
  • Protection means guarding skin against the effects of the UV rays of the sun. UV rays are the biggest threat to skin health, not just in appearance but in causing skin cancer. Broad-spectrum sunscreen products, used properly, are the superheroes that allow you to have a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors while throwing up invisible shields against nature's ray guns.
  • Correction includes a wide range of formulas that work to repair the damage that's already done or to treat conditions that need special care, such as acne or rosacea. They're the engineers who find the spots that need filling in or the sources of trouble and make sure the structure stays sound.

Bond has Q. You have SkinCeuticals.

With a long history of rigorous testing and research that includes over 200 published medical studies and 10 patents, SkinCeuticals is your source for skincare secret weapons. Each product in our extensive SkinCeuticals collection was precisely formulated for specific needs. By listing the skin types and conditions with which each product works best, there's no settling for “one size fits most”-- you can customize a regimen that puts the right tools in your hand for every situation.

Natural Allies

SkinCeuticals' products are packed with the highest-quality natural ingredients and plant extracts, including purifying bentonite clay, soothing aloe, toning witch hazel, and cooling cucumber. But “natural” doesn't guarantee “effective”, so SkinCeuticals' science and medical experts invest in extensive research and innovative developments that lead to breakthroughs like the first clinically proven topical Vitamin C formulation. Together, you benefit from the best of nature's bounty and science's care in perfect partnership.

Try SkinCeuticals today and enlist a small army in defense of your skin!

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