Would you face the truth? Your skin's secrets revealed.

Posted by BeautyMojo on 15th Oct 2015

You know those passive-aggressive types who say they're “fine” when they're anything but, and then lash out at you later? Turns out, your skin can be a lot like that.

Most of us think our skin is overall healthy and doing okay if we're not sunburned or having a breakout or rash. Certainly, the ordinary people in this video thought so...until they agreed to look at their skin on a monitor showing them under ultraviolet light. The difference between those with truly healthy skin, and those with sun damage, is instantly obvious.

Would you face the truth?

People on the street see what their skin is hiding in plain sight-- and the results are scary!

We wanted to share this video with you to show you what a dramatic difference sunscreen makes, even though it seems invisible after you apply it. When your daily skincare regimen includes products with a high SPF rating, you get that protection you need from the good habits you already have.

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Video by Thomas Leveritt

"We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already."

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