Cailyn BB Perfector

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Cailyn Perfector



Achieve a Professional Makeup Artist’s Finish with Complexion Perfection!


Cailyn BB Perfector is a 3D vibrating applicator which, by stimulating skin, delivers flawless blend of makeup in a simple and easy way.  Cover and blend your way with Cailyn BB  Perfector and instantly receive complexion perfection!

More Info:


  • Multi-usage: Cailyn BB Perfector’s function is not limited to only BB Cream.  It can be used with any kind of face makeup such as primer and foundation, etc.
  • Gentle Vibration: Quiet and gentle vibration with ultra-fast speed (6000/min) does not excessively stimulate your delicate facial skin.
  • Simple Operation with 2 Speed Setting Options: Turn on the BB Perfector and set the speed by simply switching the button to either low or high.  Setting the speed is that easy!
  • Hygienic & Easily Replaceable Puff: Cailyn BB Perfector’s innovative antibacterial puffs are designed to fit contour of face perfectly. It comes with 4 easily replaceable puffs.  To clean the puff, simply dip it in Cailyn pure ease makeup remover about 15 minutes and rinse it with clean water.

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How to Use:

  1. Open the cap and using your finger tip, simple dot on a small amount of Cailyn BB Cream on your face
  2. Turn on the BB Perfector and set the speed by switching the button either low or high
  3. Blend in the BB Cream from the center of your face and build up the coverage if necessary
  4. Turn the machine off when done


How to replace the Puff:

  1. Remove the used puff by pulling it off
  2. Attach a new puff to the plastic holder
  3. Press the newly replaced puff lightly to fix it firmly


Special Tip: To achieve a professional makeup artist’s finish, use Cailyn BB Cream and BB Perfector together.  You will see the difference!