CherylLeeMD True Lipids Cracked Hands and Feet Kit

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If you spend a lot of time outdoors in extreme weather, are on your feet more often than not, do work in conditions that are harsh on your hands or feet, or simply have very dry skin, you probably have chapped, cracked, or hardened skin on your hands and feet. Not only can that be painful and embarrassing, it’s often difficult to find a solution when those environmental factors aren’t going anywhere. Fortunately, TrueLipids Cracked Hands and Feet Kit offers lasting protection and deep healing.


By combining rich, time-released moisturizers with skin barrier healing and strengthening, this one-two punch softens and soothes hard, cracked skin while defending against outside irritants to protect your skin and prevent the problems from coming back. This kit is perfect for many types of Occupational Skin Disease, for those who do winter or summer sports, and for those experiencing health issues or undergoing treatments that cause extremely dry skin.


The kit includes:

  • o    TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment for softening, soothing, and repairing rough, cracked, or chapped skin
  • o    TrueLipids TrueTherapy Ceramide+ Cream to seal in moisture and strengthen the skin barrier for long-lasting healing and protection


Like all TrueLipids products, TrueLipids Cracked Hands and Feet Kit is non-toxic and free of the top 88 allergens that may be present in other skin care products. It’s environmentally-friendly, making it safe for you and for the earth.

The TrueLipids technology is a patent-pending powerhouse for skin care, taking an all-over approach to repairing and maintaining a healthy skin barrier while treating a wide variety of common skin issues. It’s the only skin care technology that addresses 8 different skin vulnerabilities at once:

  • Specific Lipid Deficiencies
  • Compromised Lipid Production
  • Abnormal pH
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies
  • Photosensitivity
  • Abnormal Cellular Turnover

Directions for use:

STEP 1: Before bed each night, apply a generous layer of TrueLipids Relieve & Protect Ointment to your feet or hands. Where your skin is cracked, wrap a piece of plastic wrap over it and cover with 100% cotton socks or gloves. Leave it overnight.

STEP 2: In 3-4 days after consistent treatment, shower or bathe and use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate any dead skin from the treated areas. If your skin is severely hardened or cracked, you may need to do as many as 3 cycles of nightly moisturizing for 3-4 days followed by exfoliation before you will see the full effects.

STEP 3: Use TrueLipids TrueTherapy™ Ceramide + Cream™ as a daily moisturizer on the affected areas to maintain soft, smooth skin. Apply twice or more per day as needed, especially after washing when your skin is still slightly damp.